About Us

We are a error coin business specializing primarily in major mint errors. We buy and sell mint errors of all values, whether the error coin is worth a few dollars or is worth tens of thousands of dollars--we buy and sell it all. Knowledge, honesty, and great service are how we seek to serve our customers. We want to treat you the same way we would want to be treated, and it is on this core value that our company is built.


About Jon Sullivan

The company is owned by Jon P. Sullivan, who has been a coin collector since age 9, and a error coin dealer since age 15. Jon currently serves on the CONECA Board of Directors as the YN Director, and has since being elected in 2009.

He is a member of ANA, CONECA, FUN, and has actively participated in many club events and functions. We are both NGC and PCGS authorized dealers. 

He also has written numerous articles for publications such as CONECA’s Errorscope, including articles on mint errors, the minting process, varieties, as well as U.S. coins. He is both a coin collector as well as a dealer. His interest goes beyond just error coins and varietiy coins, and as he says: “All coins are fascinating: tokens, medals, world coins, ancients, as well as U.S. colonials through gold; it’s all fun to study and collect.”

Contact: Sullivan Numismatics
              PO Box 667
             Johns Island, SC 29457-0667

E-mail at: jon@sullivannumismatics.com