January 2015

Post-FUN Show Report 2015
Post date: Friday, January 16, 2015 - 13:40

The FUN show in Orlando, Florida is over, and we are back with over $30,000 in fresh errors purchased at FUN, and when combined with a mixture of other collections recently purchased this month, we have well over $60,000 in fresh new errors for your perusal! Some of the nicest coins include an MS-65 buffalo nickel on cent planchet, a number of dual-date double-denominations, and some very nice off-metals. We have purchased some less expensive errors as well. You can view the newest purchases by clicking here: https://sullivannumismatics.com/mint-error?sort_bef_combine=created%20DESC


So how was FUN, and did it say anything new about the error market? To sum it up, the show was in our opinion very good, and was solid for both buying and selling. In fact, we sold almost as much as we bought, with well over $25,000 in error coin sales (almost none of that was wholesale, but was from retail customers.) When you sell almost as much as you buy, it has to be a healthy market! We were trying to buy all we could, but it’s tough to find good, fresh error material at reasonable prices.


Notes about the FUN Show

1.Other error dealers appeared to be doing a good amount of business—no one seemed to have a “crazy good” show, but everyone had a solidly good show with both buying and selling going on.

2.Errors in the Heritage Auction went for retail prices for the most part, with few coins selling at “wholesale” levels.

3.As stated earlier, we did almost as much selling as buying.

Although the FUN show was excellent overall, some error types have dropped in price over the last several years for various reasons, but this is normal and to be expected since all markets have ups and downs as hoards of new coins to light, driving prices down, or because new people are collecting a particular error type, which drives the price up. It’s a back and forth, and high quality errors are virtually always going up in price.


If you haven’t been to a FUN show (or any Major coin show) you should give it a try every once in a while. There’s nothing like in-person conversations with fellow coin collectors and dealers, and the enjoyment in discussing and viewing the coins that other collectors and dealer brought with them to the show. While the internet is wonderful for buying coins and connecting error collectors across the world, going to shows gives you a chance to see the coins in person, compare them, get expert advice, and see things you’ll never see if your only an online collector. Some shows I’d recommend attending for error coins would include any of the Baltimore Whitman Coin Shows, either of the ANA shows, or the Winter FUN show.