August 2015

10c 1893 Barber Dime Die Cap Find
Post date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 09:49

We recently purchased and subsequently sold a unique 1893 Barber dime obverse die cap, which Coin World magazine put into an article. Rather than tell the details of the story, just read it through this link on Coin World's website:

Look through your coins--you may have a rare error coin, and if you find anything, feel free to email us and let us know as we'd love to buy it.

ANA World's Fair of Money 2015
Post date: Monday, August 3, 2015 - 14:18

Stop by our table to see hundreds of errors

The ANA World's Fair of Money is about a week away, and we are gearing up to attend. The show is one of the very best of the year, with over 500 tables of rare coins from ancients, to U.S. coins, to our speciality, mint errors. Here is a link to the show: This is one of the few coin shows that pretty much all the error coin dealers from across the country attend, and so that also makes it an excellent place for collectors to attend to find that special error coin for their collection. We've never been disappointed with an ANA Convention, and always are able to purchase a large assortment of major mint errors for resale to our customers. CONECA holds it's annual business meeting, as well as the traditional awards and banquet. Awards are given out to various worthy individuals who have contributed to promoting the error coin hobby, and a lot of fun is had by all. If you're not yet a CONECA member, we highly recommend it. Here's a link to their website: If you're attending the show, stop by their booth and sign up (and it's also an opportunity to get free variety or error attributions, since there are always experts behind the table.)

There are lots of errors to be had at the ANA Convention

We will be set-up with a corner booth, and will have most of our inventory with us. It's one of the few shows that we bring the majority of our inventory to, because it's just that good of a coin show. If you've not considered attending this show, reconsider. Buying coins through the mail or interenet is fine and good, but being able to see the coins in person is much better. You will appreciate the coins more, and perhaps make a more informed decision about what coins you want to acquire for your collection. If you attend, our table is #1628 under the name "Sullivan Numismatics." 

We are Buying at the show!

We are also buying at the show. Bring any coins you wish to sale and we will be happy to make offers on them. Even if you don't wish to sale your coins, feel free to stop by with your coins for a free appraisal or attribution of your error coin.

This is our last blog post until after the ANA, so you can look forward to seeing a huge offering of error coins in the weeks after we return! Questions, email us at: