Long Beach Coin Show Report February, 2018

Submitted by JonSullivan on Fri, 03/02/2018 - 09:23

Last week, March 21-24th, 2018, we attended the Long Beach coin show in California. The show is held three times year, and is one of the larger shows of the year nationwide. Due perhaps to it's location, and the more difficult tax situation, it tends to not be as well attended as shows in more "coin show friendly" states, although it still brings in many dealers and collectors, particularly from the Western areas of the United States. So it's somewhat of a "different crowd" from the attendees at an East Coast show.

Generally, Long Beach tends to be an ok show for us, with some some buying and selling opportunities resulting from it. However, this show was slower than normal, which we believe is due largely to a few of our better sources for buying and selling not attending this show for no particular reason. Other dealers seemed to be having a mixed show, and for Long Beach, it was average.

We did get to see some fantastic U.S. coin on exhibit, including a lot of Territorial gold bars and coins from the wreck of the S.S. Central America, and also an incredible exhibit of British coins dating from Britains first rulers up to the 20th century. Exhibits are going to be a regular event at upcoming Long Beach shows, and we think that will encourage greater collector attendance, which is a good thing.

The error market is overall doing well. Auctions are bringing good prices, and we had our biggest sales month ever this last January! February (for unknown reasons) always is a bit slow, but we expect the coming months to pick up a lot as customers and dealers figure out their taxes. We're looking forward to the Dallas ANA next week, as well as the Baltimore a few weeks after, and we hope to have lots of fresh material to show you our customers. If you are attending either show, we look forward to seeing you at our tables.