A New Mule and Welcome to 2021

Submitted by JonSullivan on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 04:42

A New Mule

This morning, a friend sent a link to a Coin World article (below), and the exciting headline read that a new mule had been discovered in a bag of dollar coins—what a great bit of error news! The mule involves a 2014-D Sacagawea obverse muled with a Liberty design reverse. It’s not as obvious a mule as some at first glance, since the reverse is used on the cousin of the Native American dollar series, the Presidential dollars. The difference is that the reverse was never used for the Native American dollars, and only for the Presidential dollar series. Instead, the coin should have had the “Hospitality” design on the reverse, which features two Indians on the reverse.


The mule is exciting to me, perhaps because it was actually found in “change”, and so there are probably more of them out there waiting to be found. Additionally, it took 6 years to be discovered, which is also remarkable, although perhaps not too unexpected since the design difference is one that most collectors wouldn’t “connect the dots on” at a glance.


Most likely more will show up at some point, as collectors search their rolls and bags of dollars for them, and collectors should be on the lookout for them. Where there is one, there is likely more. Who knows, perhaps an entire run of them was released by the Mint, which could mean thousands of them are out there to be discovered.




NGC 2014-D Native American Dollar Mule ReverseNGC 2014-D Native American Dollar Mule Reverse 2

Native American correct reverse
The correct reverse should have been the one shown above

A New Year 2021

We have been generally pleased as 2020 comes to a close that we sold nearly as many errors as in 2019. In other words, 2020 turned out for us to be nearly the same as 2019, and in a year when most coin shows were shutdown (95% or more?), and challenges arose in acquiring fresh inventory as well as staying in engaged in the hobby, we are pleased to say the least.


General conversations with other coin dealers seem to show they also had good years over all, with many dealers saying they had “their best year ever” or something similar. Perhaps this is because collectors see numismatics as a place to come and relax, and escape their day to day routines, which in 2020 was welcome, but also coins are considered by many to be a “store of value”, and something that while not an investment, is at least something you will make a little money or only lose a little—which for something that brings so much please to collectors, isn’t a bad deal.


Precious metals sky rocketing this year helped coin dealers and collectors as well, since coins in their inventories or collections went up in value, giving them more funds to pursue their hobby or business.


Whatever the reasons, we’re glad 2020 was a pretty good year in the hobby, all things considered, and we’re looking forward to 2021.


Currently, we do not have any shows booked for 2021, making the acquiring of inventory a daily challenge, but we do nonetheless have fresh coins coming in from our various sources, and we are always looking to buy. If you have any coins you’re looking to sale, feel free to send us an email with images for an offer to buy.