11-2022 NGC 1c 1984-S Lincoln Cent Struck on Dime Planchet PF63 UC


NGC 1984-S Lincoln cent struck on clad dime planchet. The coin is struck on a clad 10c planchet, and is the metal and weight of a dime. It weighs 2.3 grams, and is slightly smaller than a cent. 

Proof errors are generally rare, since there are very high quality controls for proof coins, and this particular coin is unique for the date as far as we can determine.

There are collectively probably 50 or so proof Lincoln cents on dime planchets known for all dates combined, but probably 99% are dated between 1968 and 1977. This is because there were a lot of them (especially 1977) that were snuck out of the Mint by unethical Mint employees. However, there are a very few known struck after 1977, and most of those are only 1 known for that particular date--such is the case with this 1984-S.

A rare opportunity to own an incredibly rare date/mint for proof cent on dime planchets.

NGC PF63 Ultra Cameo, with some cloudy spots. 

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