1793 1c Flowing Hair Wreath Cent Struck 10% Off-Center PCGS VF

PCGS 1793 wreath cent vine & bars edge S-11a. The coin is struck 10% off-center. A lot of planchet is visible and also portions of the rim detail and lettering is missing, making this a visually obvious off center strike. 

The first year for striking cents at a U.S. Mint, the coin is special in this regard and also because off-center struck 1793 cents are rare, with an estimated 2-4 known. This is only the 2nd example we have actually seen. The coin can be traced back to the Neiswinter Collection. 

An opportunity to buy the first U.S. Mint issued cent and an error--proof they've been making mistakes since the first year they began minting cents!

VF details with some damage. There are some old, toned over nicks on the obverse, and the surfaces show some porosity. Overall a nice coin for its age.