(1860-1891) 10c Seated Dime Double-Struck 2nd 75% Off-Center NGC UNC

NGC (1860-1891) seated dime double-struck with the 2nd strike 75% off-center and die struck on both sides. The coin shows a large portion of the design in the 2nd strike. Seated dime double-strikes are extremely rare, and few are known with the 2nd strike off-center. Examples with so much design visible on the 2nd strikes are even more rare. 

The error occurred when the coin was struck, but was not ejected fully from the striking chamber and was struck again except this time the strike was off-center. 

Uncirculated details cleaned, with only lightly cleaned surfaces (we are somewhat surprised NGC even noted it as having been cleaned at all--we've seen much worse cleanings on errors slab as "uncleaned".) The coin has slight golden brown toning around some of the devices, and has nice luster, especially on the reverse. 

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