1865 NGC 3CN Three Cent Nickel Flipover Double-Struck XF

NGC 1865 three cent nickel flipover double-strike, with the 2nd strike 15% off-center. A good amount of design detail is visible for the underlying 1st strike, while the 2nd strike is flipped over, with the obverse side on the reverse, and vice versa. 

Flipover double-strikes are incredibly rare on the three cent nickel series, and in fact, this is the only example we have seen that wasn't a on-center flipover double-strike (the on-center examples show little underlying design detail, and aren't very attractive.) This is the only example we know of with the 2nd strike off-center, and therefore with a lot of eye-appeal. 

NGC XF details scratched. The scratches are toned over, and blend in well with the strong clashed dies on the coins obverse. 

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