1885-O $1 Morgan Dollar Struck 30% Off-Center NGC XF

NGC 1885-O Morgan dollar struck 30% off-center. A major off-center with a lot of both planchet and design visible, giving the coin great eye-appeal. Morgan dollars are extremely rare this far off-center, and examples more than 25% off are very rarely encountered. Most major off-centers are 1921's or are no dates, and finding a dated example other than 1921 is tough.

Mint state examples of pre-1921 Morgan dollars often sell for $30,000-$75,000 this far off-center. This coin is a wholesome example, and although cleaned, is free of the problems often found (graffiti and other types of damage.)

A rare opportunity to own a major off-center Morgan dollar!

XF Details with white surfaces from having been cleaned. A overall wholesome example of a very tough coin. 

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