(1892-1916) 25c Barber Quarter Struck 30% Off-Center NGC UNC

NGC Barber quarter struck 30% off-center. The coin is missing a large portion of the design, and shows a large portion of the planchet, giving it tremendous eye-appeal as an off-center. No date is visible, but it is a "P" Mint coin. 

The coin is certainly one of the furthest off-center strikes known, with most examples only 5-10% off. Major off-centers such as this are almost unknown on the Barber quarter series, with a rough estimate of 3-4 known this far off center. Finding examples like this is nearly impossible. 

A major 30% off-center and uncirculated Barber quarter is a jaw-dropping coin, and this would make the centerpiece of a Barber quarter off-center collection. 

NGC uncirculated details an cleaned. The cleaning is light, and the coin has moderate hairlines across its surfaces. Light gold toning and lustrous surfaces give the coin overall good eye-appeal. Most of the major off-center Barber coins we have seen were cleaned at one time or another. 

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