1944 1c Wheat Cent Obverse Mirror Brockage PCGS AU50

PCGS 1944 Lincoln wheat cent with an obverse mirror brockage. The coin has "two obverses", with the coin's reverse having a sharp, clear portrait of Lincoln, and with portions of the outer lettering visible as well. The "194" of the "1944" date can be seen, and lettering above Lincoln's head, and part of "LIBERTY." 

The mirror brockage was likely from a struck split planchet cent, which is why some portions of the brockage are missing. The error occurred when a struck split before strike cent, which is a thinner plancher than normal, failed to be ejected from the surface of the reverse die after being struck. At that point, this coin's planchet was fed into the press on top of the other coin and they were struck against each other, creating a sharp, mirror brockage of the obverse design on this coin's reverse side. 

A very rare error type on wheat cents, and this is one of the only examples we have seen. Estimate 3-5 known. 

AU50 with brown surfaces. 


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