1c U.S. Lincoln Cent Denver Mint Feeder Finger

This is a U.S. 1c feeder finger which was used for striking Lincoln cents at the Denver Mint. The feeder finger is one of a small group that came out of the U.S. Mint, and were struck at the Moonlight Mint using the original Grabener coin press that the feeder fingers would have been used on. 

The cent sized feeder fingers are one of the scarcer of the types, with 27 known. The press was in operation from 1986-2001 at the Denver Mint, which is therefore also the era for this feeder finger. 

Until these came out, feeder fingers were nearly unheard of on the coin market. An opportunity to own a fascinating piece of Mint equipment, and something which has caused many error coins over the years!

The feeder finger is struck with "commemorative dies" used by the Moonlight Mint to commemorate the press.