(2 Coins) PCGS 25c 1969-S Washington Quarter Die Cap & Uniface Reverse Mated Pair PF-64


(2) coin set of 1969-S proof Washington quarter, with the coins comprising a mated pair set. The top coin fits perfectly with the bottom coin, which is because they were struck on top of each other. Mated pairs are very rare on proof coins, and this is the only proof set of quarters like this we've ever seen. Additionally, this is only the 2nd known example of a proof Washington quarter obverse die cap, with the other one being a statehood quarter obverse die cap. An amazing set of proof Washington quarters, and unique!

Coin #1 The coin is a obverse die cap with high cap walls around half of the design, and with a uniface reverse side.

Coin #2 The coin has a uniface obverse, and extreme finning around the rim on the reverse side.

PCGS PF-64 on coin #1, and PF-62 on coin #2.