(3 Coin Set) 2010 Silver Eagle Progression Set Struck Thru Scribble Reverse MS69

This is a 3 coin progression set of 2010 silver eagles which are struck thru what appears to be magic marker scribble.

PCGS says it was on the planchet (stained planchet), but that is not possible in our opinion. The marker scribble was either on the die or on the planchet itself (if on the planchet, it was "wet" and transferred to the die, and then to the next two coins it struck), After the first coin was struck the scribble was then on the die, and proceeded to be more faintly struck into the same location on the two incoming silver eagle planchets, getting lighter with each strike.

Very rare, and only one other example is known to us that is at all similar (although it appears to have been ink pin on the other known example: https://www.sullivannumismatics.com/coin/ngc-1-2000-silver-eagle-struck-thru-ink-pen-scribble-reverse-ms67?v=5615)

MS69 is the grade for all three coins.