4-2023 NGC 10c 1803 Bust Dime Double-Struck 1st 35% Off-Center 2nd On-Center AU Details


NGC 1803 bust dime double-struck with the 1st strike 35% off-center, and the 2nd strike on-center. There is medium-strong design detail under the 2nd strike.

For the obverse, the undertype is quite visible, with the 1st strike showing a 2nd "1803" date in front of Ms.Liberty's face. Also, large portions of the design details and Ms.Liberty's portrait can be seen in the fields and especially near the rim in the 11-1 o'clock area. 

On the reverse, the shield and some of the lettering can be easily seen on the reverse, especially in the 3-7 o'clock areas.

Bust dime double-strikes are very rare, and this represents a rare opportunity to own one. 

AU details with a large scratch across the reverse. The scratch is old and toned over. A scarce coin in its own right in this grade, even without the error!


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