4-2023 NGC 50c Walking Liberty Half Struck 50% Off-Center MS64


NGC 50c (1916-1945) walking Liberty half struck 50% off-center. The coin is struck with half of the design and planchet visible, giving the coin superb eye-appeal. Also, the coin is in the lofty grade of MS64, making this the overall nicest example known to us.

They do not come any nicer, and most walking Liberty half off-center strikes are either minor off-centers or if they are more major off-centers they are well circulated or have been cleaned or damaged. This coin is superb, and would be the centerpiece of many mint error collections. 

The error occurred when the planchet was not properly centered between the dies when it was struck, resulting in an off-center strike. 

MS64 with lustrous surfaces and a hint of golden brown toning. A superb coin!

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