ANACS 10c 1965 Roosevelt Dime Transitional on Silver Dime Planchet AU55

ANACS 1965 Roosevelt dime transitional off-metal struck on a silver dime planchet. This is a rare off-metal type, since there is usually only a small period of time in which transitional off-metals can occur, since they are made when there is the change of one metal to another metal. 

The coin is silver, and is struck on a planchet intended for the pre-1965 dimes, which ceased being produced for the year 1964. A very small number of 1965 dimes are known struck in silver, and are struck on the silver dime planchets most likely as a result of some leftover silver dime planchets being fed into a press striking the new clad 1965 dimes. 

AU55 with pleasing, original golden/brown toning. Some of the small number of existing transitional 1965 silver dimes have been dipped or cleaned, unlike this coin, which has fully original surfaces. 

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