NGC $1 1921 Morgan Dollar Die Adjustment Strike & Misaligned Die


1921 Morgan dollar with a die adjustment strike and 3% misaligned obverse die. The strike is very weak, with about 40% of the design detail missing on both the obverse and reverse, as well as the edge, which has very weak reeding that is completely missing on some of the edge. This is the only die adjustment strike Morgan dollar in combination with a misaligned die we know of, which although it doesn't really add value, it makes the coin more interesting.

A die adjustment strike occurs when the press is not striking with sufficient striking pressure. This could be caused by the press "starting up", and so not at full striking pressure yet, or it may be due to a malfunctioning of the press itself. There are many possibilities, but whatever the causes, it is a very rare error type on the Morgan silver dollar, with probably less than a dozen examples known, and in fact this is the first example we have ever had in stock.

NGC certified but did not grade the coin due to a policy they have of not grading coins that are weakly struck. If the coin were graded by PCGS, who does assign grades most of the time, we believe it would grade AU-55.