NGC $1 1922 Peace Dollar Double-Struck 2nd Broadstruck MS62

NGC 1922 peace dollar double-struck with the 2nd strike broadstruck. The coin was struck twice, with the first strike normal, and then struck a second time with the coin struck out of collar, causing the coin to be broadstruck. 

It is much larger than a normal peace dollar, and also has a full set of reeding on the edge. There are remnants of the underlying 1st strike, especially at the coin's outer design elements with traces of the double-strike on some of the lettering and the date. 

Double-struck peace dollars are very rare, with probably less than 6 known of all dates and types of double-struck peace dollars. Only the 2nd peace double-strike we have had, with the other being a 1921. A rare opportunity, since coins of this rarity simply do not come up for sale with any frequency.

MS62 with light gold toning and a hint of darker toning. It could be surmised that the coin was stored in a box with other coins for years, since it has the light hairlines and surfaces of a coin stored in that way. Original though, and overall a pleasing coin.