NGC $1 1978 Ike Dollar 30% Off-Center MS64

NGC 1978 Ike dollar struck 30% off-center. A major off-center Ike, and a solid 30%+ or more off-center.

Most Ike dollar off-centers are less than 15% off-center, with the major off-centers such as this one being much more scarce. 1978 is the most common date for major off-centers, although still scarce and popular.

The Ike dollar is the only large size silver dollar than can be purchased relatively inexpensively as a major off-center. A Morgan or peace dollar would be in the $50,000 price range in this grade and percentage off-center, by comparison! So an Ike is the only large size silver dollar major off-center that most collectors can afford.

MS64 with lustrous surfaces.