NGC $1 1979-P SBA Dollar Struck Through Clad Layer Reverse MS-65


This 1979-P SBA dollar is 100% struck through a clad layer on its reverse side. A nickel clad layer from another SBA dollar was lying on top of the reverse die when this planchet was fed into the press and on top of the clad layer. When the coin was struck the clad layer obscured some of the design and gave the reverse a very blurry strike, and also because of the excess metal beneath this coin, this coin's planchet was sitting up higher than normal in the collar, and so has a minor partial collar strike. NGC was incorrect in calling it a capped die strike, and we guarantee it would slab with PCGS as being struck through a clad layer or your money + slab fees back! Very rare error type on SBA dollars.

NGC MS-65 nice eye-appeal