NGC $1 1979-S SBA Dollar on Cent Planchet MS65 RB

NGC 1979-S Susan B. Anthony dollar struck on a cent planchet. The coin is the design of the dollar, but is struck on the copper planchet of a cent. It is much smaller than a normal dollar coin, and has large portions of the design missing due to the smaller planchet it was struck on. An eye-catching off-metal, with the copper planchet contrasting with the expected "nickel" appearance of a normal Anthony dollar. 

Very scarce, with probably around 30-40 known Anthony dollars on cents for all dates combined. 

MS65 Red/Brown with exceptionally pleasing surfaces. Many have a small spot, scratch, or similar problem--this coin is free of any obvious detractors. Note: the white lines on the reverse are on the NGC holder and not the coin.