NGC $1 1979-S SBA Dollar Struck on Cent Planchet MS65 RB

NGC 1979-S Susan B. Anthony dollar off-metal struck on a copper cent planchet. The coin is struck on the cent planchet, and so is the weight and metal of a copper cent but it has the design of a SBA dollar. It is much smaller than a normal dollar, and is missing some of the design, date and lettering. 

The error occurred when a Lincoln cent planchet was fed into a press that was striking dollar coins and was struck, resulting in a coin with the design of a dollar but the planchet of a cent. 

Off-metal SBAs on cent planchets are very scarce, with an estimated 40 or so known. 

MS65 Red/Brown with lustrous pleasing surfaces. One of the nicer examples we have handled in terms of eye-appeal. Tiny spot on the reverse which we note for accuracy. 

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