NGC $1 2000-P Sacagawea Dollar Shattered Die Reverse & Multi-Struck Broadstrike MS-64


This 2000-P Sacagawea dollar has a shattered die reverse, and also is a multi-struck broadstrike. An absolutely incredible coin, and it is the most dramatic shattered die we've ever seen for any U.S coin series. The reverse die has shattered into (8) separate pieces, which are at various levels, giving the coin a breathtakingly spectacular appearance! We cannot say enough good things about how attractive and rare this coin is. There are very few shattered dies known for the U.S. coin series, and most are relatively minor by comparison to this coin. We know of only one split die Sacagawea dollar, but it is on the obverse side and is very minor by comparison, with just a few cracks and nothing more. Here is a link to that coin:

It's also nice that the coin was struck out of collar and so is much larger than a normal Sacagawea dollar. It has multiple strikes, and the obverse side shows a few distorted images across it's face. There are 2 dates visible from the multi-strike as well, making it look like the date is "20,000." This coin would make the centerpiece of any major error, cud, or Sacagawea dollar collection.

NGC MS-64 with slightly toned lustrous surfaces