NGC 10c 1999-P Roosevelt Dime 3-Coin Bonded Deep Obverse Die Cap MS-66


1999-P Roosevelt dime 3 coin bonded obverse die cap, with an incredible depth to the coin and one of the deepest die cap dimes out there. The slab is (5) layers thick, and oversized in order to fit the coin! Roosevelt dime bonded coins are much more rare than cents, and are very tough to find. The set weighs 6.7 grams, which is the weight of (3) Roosevelt dimes.

The error occurred when planchets kept being fed into the press, and were struck on top of each other multiple times, bonding them together. After 3 planchets had bonded together, the cap came loose off the obverse die, and was ejected from the striking chamber.

NGC MS-66 in a huge NGC oversized holder--great presentation of the coin!