NGC 1847 Large Cent Deep Obverse Die Cap MS63 Brown

The cap walls are deep, and are a medium to high depth all around the entire design. On the coin’s reverse side, it has a flattened image of the reverse design. This is because the reverse was a brockage maker, and was struck into incoming large cent planchets, which progressively flattened and expanded the planchet, causing it to wrap around the die’s neck and form a “cup” shape. How many coins were struck before it was dislodged is anyone’s guess, but it had to strike a number of them in our estimation to wrap this high around the die neck. The coin is in an NGC “double-thick” holder due to its height being to great to fit in a standard NGC holder. 

One of the nicest large cent errors in existence, there are only a very few known. In researching known examples, we can find references to the following examples:   

Known Examples of Large Cent Die Caps

1847 (2 total known) The other known example resides in a museum. 

1853 (possibly just a broadstrike—last seen in 1906)

1855 NGC AU58

1856. NGC MS63 BN

That is a total known population of 4 examples and possibly 5 if the 1853 is in fact a die cap! Additionally, only 3 of the confirmed 4 examples to exist are available on the collector market, since one of the 4 resides in a museum. 

An incredible rarity, and it would make a centerpiece of any error collection both for its rarity and jaw-dropping eye-appeal as a deep obverse die cap large cent.

MS63 Brown with medium brown surfaces that reveal somewhat glimmering luster. Also, there are a few very few minor scratches in the 5 o’clock area of the obverse, all of which are nicely toned over and not really even worthy of mention on a coin like this. 



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