NGC 1921-D Morgan Dollar 10% Off-Center AU58

NGC 1921-D Morgan dollar struck 10% off-center. We would not hesitate to call this coin 13% off-center, as it is much farther off than the typical 10% off-center. In fact, that is why we bought the coin—it is exceptionally nice! As shown in the images, the coin was in fact previously certified by PCGS as a 13% off-center, which we believe is dead-on accurate. 

Most off-center Morgan dollars are only 5% or less off-center. Examples 10% or larger are very scarce. 

Light golden brown toning across the coin, and overall a pleasing appearance. Hairlines keep the coin from grading higher. See the images below, the coin used to be housed in a PCGS AU58 “13% off-center” holder!

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