NGC 1c 1916 Wheat Cent on Cuba 1 Centavo Planchet VF-35


Off-Metal 1916 wheat cent struck on a Cuban 1 centavo planchet. The coin is nickel and weighs 2.5 grams, which is correct for a Cuban 1 Centavo. A rare off-metal, and unique as far as we know. There are very few off-metal wheat cent errors prior to 1918.

In 1916, the mint was striking Cuban 1 centavos, which is how the planchet was at the mint, which was a common occurrence since the Mint was striking coins for many countries at that time. The error occurred when a planchet intended for striking into a Cuban 1 centavo, was fed into a press striking 1916 wheat cents and was struck, resulting in this coin which has the design of a cent but the metal of the Cuban centavo.