NGC 1c 1953 Lincoln Cent on Silver Dime Planchet MS-62


Off-metal 1953 Lincoln wheat cent struck on a silver dime planchet. The coin is the metal and weigh (2.5 grams) of a Roosevelt dime, and is also slightly smaller and thinner than a cent. The error occurred when a dime planchet was fed into a press which was striking 1953 cents, and was struck, resulting in a coin with the design of a cent but the metal of a dime.

This is a rare date/mint for cent on silver dime planchets, and is far scarcer than the 1956-1958 silver cents, which are what are typically on the market for sale. Being mintstate, it is that much more desirable since many silver cents on dimes are AU-58 or lower, and many also have minor damage, unlike this coin which is problem-free.

NGC MS-62 with original, problem-free surfaces.