NGC 1c 1956 Wheat Cent on Honduras 1 Centavo Planchet MS64 BN

NGC 1956 wheat cent struck on Honduras 1 centavo planchet. The coin is smaller than a normal wheat cent, with much of the lettering missing around the edge edge, and also much of the reverse design missing. 

The error occurred when a small 1.5 gram planchet, used for striking the Honduras 1 centavo, was fed into a press striking 1956 wheat cents and was struck. This coin is the result. The U.S. Mint was striking coins for Honduras, which is why a non-U.S. planchet was in the Mint at all.

Very scarce, with few known. These wheat cents struck on the small foreign planchets are generally scarce to very rare on wheat cents of all dates.

NGC MS64 brown with lustrous surfaces. One of the most appealing examples we have seen.