NGC 1c 1958 Lincoln Cent Struck on 1958 Cuba 1c Double-Denomination MS63

NGC 1958 Lincoln wheat cent overstruck on a Cuba 1 centavo. The Cuba 1c is slightly smaller than a normal Lincoln cent, and so parts of the cent's outer lettering are missing. Additionally, the copper/nickel planchet gives the cent a dramatically different appearance compared to a normal Lincoln cent.

The coin shows the design of both coins, with traces of the underlying Cuba 1c design visible across the cent's obverse, especially near the rim in the 8-2 o'clock areas, as well as portions in the center of the coin. On the coin's reverse, there are just minute traces of the underlying design.

There are very few of these known (estimate 6-8 pieces.)

MS63 with problem free, clean surfaces. A superb example overall. 


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