NGC $20 1906-D Liberty Double Eagle Broadstruck AU58

NGC $20 1906-D Liberty double eagle broadstruck, with the coin struck almost entirely out of collar. There is just a hint of reeding around small portion of the edge, but the coin is nearly devoid of all reeding. It is larger than normal, since it was partially out of the collar when it was struck.

It is arguably a partial collar, but it is nicer in appearance than a partial collar since almost all the reeding is missing, which is probably why NGC called it a broadstrike. 

Major striking errors on $20 U.S. gold coins are extremely rare, and examples such as this rarely are available for sale. Prior to our acquiring it, the last time it appeared for sale was in an auction in 2003 when it fetched $6,900. Other than this coin, there are a half dozen or so $20 partial collars, which have sold for typically $5,000-$15,000.

All are rare, and this represents a rare opportunity to own a broadstruck/partial collar $20.

NGC AU58 with lustrous surfaces and just a hint of wear.  

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