NGC 25c 1976-S Proof Bicentennial Quarter on Cent Double-Denomination PF67 RD

NGC 1976-S proof bicentennial quarter struck on a Lincoln cent double-denomination. The coin is overstruck on a Lincoln cent, with the reverse of the cent easily seen on the obverse of the quarter.

Also, the coin is copper since it is struck on a cent, giving the coin incredible eye-appeal as a proof bicentennial quarter struck in copper, which is very different in appearance from the normal "nickel" color of a quarter.

All the words "ONE CENT" can be seen in front of Washington's face, additionally, "STATES OF AMERICA" is seen behind his head. Most of the lettering is visible as well as part of the Memorial building, and other design details across the obverse of the quarter. On the reverse, "WE" can be seen above the "ED" of "UNITED", and then faintly parts of the rest of the motto. Traces of design can be seen across the reverse.

Extremely rare, with only a total of 2 known proof 1976-S bicentennial quarter on cent double-denominations. There are also 2 other known proof 1976-S bicentennial quarters on cents, but they are not double-denominations, and are just struck on copper cent planchets.

Coins of this rarity and significance rarely enter the market since they have so much eye-appeal, popularity, and rarity. This is the finest of the 2 known examples, with the other being a PF66, whereas this one is a PF67. This coin would make the centerpiece of a major mint error collection!

NGC PF67 Red with glimmering red surfaces, and just a hint of toning in a few areas of the coin. A beautiful coin, and the finest known.