NGC 25c 1999 Pennsylvania Quarter Obverse Deep Die Cap MS-64


1999-P Pennsylvania state quarter deep obverse die cap, with high cupped up walls surrounding the design on all sides, and with a uniface obverse side. Having the state side showing is the most desirable, and that in combination with the high die cap walls all make for a gorgeous obverse die cap. Very rare, with only a perhaps 12-18 state quarter deep die caps known (showing the reverse design) for the entire state quarter series.

The error occurred when the coin was fed into the press on top of another planchet and struck, causing the coin to stick to the hammer die. It was then struck into incoming planchets, which resulted in its wrapping around the neck of the die, and creating the high cap walls you see on the coin. The obverse side is missing any design since it was struck against another planchet, and so is uniface.

NGC MS-64 lustrous white