NGC 25c 2001 New York Quarter Multi-Struck on Feeder Finger Tip MS-65


2001 New York state quarter multi-struck on an aluminum feeder finger tip. The coin shows the large tip of a feeder finger protruding out from the design. The most desirable feeder fingers show the feeder finger tip, as this coin does. We know of only 1 other New York quarter on a feeder finger, and it is not as impressive as this example. A very rare coin, and a superb example of the error type.

The error occurred when the fly wheel with the feeder fingers got out of sync with the striking of the press, resulting in the feeder fingers getting struck by the dies. This coin was struck on a feeder finger tip that broke off of the main finger, and managed to make it out of the mint without getting caught.

NGC MS-65 with the mottled silver/gray toning which is almost always found on feeder finger struck coins.