NGC 25c Proof Washington Quarter Double-Struck Off-Center and Overlapping PF68 Star

NGC Proof Washington Quarter double-struck overlapping, with each strike 35% off-center. An amazing proof double-strike off-center quarter, with very dramatic overlapping strikes! The coin’s mintmark “S” is visible.  

Major striking errors are rare on proof quarters because of the high quality controls and because it is tough for them to get out of the Mint if they are larger than the proof sets or that they are shipped in. However, many rarities such as most U.S. patterns, the 1913 nickels, and more have made it out of the Mint through one means or another, and all are highly valued by the collecting community today (and for good reason.) A rare opportunity to own a major striking error on a proof quarter. 

PF68 Star with frosted devices and mirrored fields.