NGC 50c 1977-S Proof Kennedy Half Triple-Struck Off-Center PF-66 Cameo


Proof 1977-S Kennedy half triple-struck broadstrike, with the coin also struck about 5% off-center. The three strikes are overlapping, with obvious tripling in the design elements. Also the coin has no reeding on its edge since it was struck out of collar. Proof striking errors such as this are rare, and even more so on Kennedy halves. There aren't many known, and most are entombed in collections and rarely come on the market for sale. This is a coin which came out of a small group of major errors that came on the market recently, which is why it's available for sale. A rare opportunity to acquire an extremely rare error.

PCGS PF-66 Cameo with just a hint of toning but white across most of the coin.