NGC 50c Kennedy Half Struck on 2.4 Gram Copper Foreign Planchet MS-64 BN


This is a Kennedy half from the 1970's or 1980's which is struck on a copper foreign planchet, and weighs 2.4 grams. After research, the coin is almost certainly struck on a Philippines 5 Sentimos Planchet, which is a 60% copper, 40% zinc 18.4mm planchet. At 2.4 grams, this coin is well within tolerances, and also this coin perfectly matches the color of a toned Philippine 5 Sentimos. Additionally, the diameter is exactly what one would expect it to be. Without cracking the coin out of the holder and performing a metal test, it cannot be determined with 100% certainty that this is what it is, but I would give it a 95% chance that's what it is. An attractive off-metal, and with excellent eye-appeal.

NGC MS-64 BN with problem free, lustrous surfaces. Note: there are a few scuffs on the holder, especially on the obverse, which are not on the coin.