NGC 5c 1905 V-Nickel Double-Struck 2nd Strike 50% Off-Center VF-25


This is a 1905 v-nickel which is double-struck with the second strike 50% off-center at 10:30 O'Clock. The strike shows design on both sides, which adds to the coin's eye-appeal. Also, there are two "1905" dates showing!

V-nickels are very rare double-struck, and only perhaps a two dozen exist, with most showing some wear, and perhaps half a dozen or so being mint state. This example had a lot of design showing from both strikes, being 50% off-center, but since it is circulated it is less than half what it would cost if it where mintstate. A more affordable example of a very rare coin.

NGC VF-25 with gray surfaces and no problems.