NGC 5c 1920 Buffalo Nickel on Cent Planchet MS-65 RB


This is a 1920 buffalo nickel which is struck on a cent planchet. The planchet was intended for striking into a wheat cent, but was accidentally fed into a press striking buffalo nickels. There are about 50 or 60 buffalo nickels on cents known for the entire series, making them quite rare.

What's amazing about this coin in particular is its state of preservation, being red/brown and MS-65. Most buffalos on cents are XF to MS-63, and are brown or mostly brown. Additionally, a good number have been badly cleaned or scratched, leaving for an even fewer quantity of quality pieces. Probably only 5-10 of the buffalo's on cents are of this coins quality, and most are entombed in collections. A rare opportunity to own one of the nicest buffalos on cents in existence.

NGC MS-65 RB with no problems and attractive, red/brown surfaces. No spots, scratches or other problems whatsoever (many slabbed examples do have something going on with them, even if it's not noted on the holder.)