NGC 5c 1942 Jefferson Nickel on Cent Planchet MS-62 Red/Brown


Off-metal 1942 Jefferson nickel struck on a copper Lincoln cent planchet. The coin is copper, much smaller than a nickel, and weighs 3.04 grams, which is correct for a cent. This is a 1942 "no P" reverse, with no mintmark visible on the coin's reverse. In 1942 the mint added a large "P" mintmark to the nickel's reverse to differentiate the silver alloy from the old nickel alloy, which means you have 1942 nickels with the "no P" reverse and also the "with P" reverse.

With the exception of the year 1941, there are virtually no nickels on cents for the war-time years 1941-1945. This is the only example of a 1942 "no P" nickel on cent that we are aware of, and most of the other war-time dates of nickels on cents have around 1-3 known for each year (although there are perhaps 10+ 1941's.) A very rare off-metal, and possibly unique.

NGC MS-62 Red/Brown