NGC 5c 1977-S Proof Jefferson Nickel on Dime Planchet PF69 Cameo


NGC 1977-S proof Jefferson nickel on clad dime planchet. The wrong planchet error occurred when a proof dime planchet was fed into a press striking proof Jefferson nickels and was struck, creating a coin with the design of a nickel but struck on the planchet of a dime. 

The coin is smaller than a normal nickel, with much of the outer lettering missing. Also, it has splits in the planchet from the planchet expanding outwards so far. Incredible eye-appeal, with the coin having cameo contrast of the frosty design and the mirrored fields, and with the lofty grade of PF69--virtually perfect!

PF69 Cameo with almost 100% white surfaces, but just the slightest hint of toning.