NGC 5c 1987-P Jefferson Nickel Struck on Clad Stock Planchet AU-58


This 1987-P Jefferson nickel is struck on clad planchet stock, and weighs 4.22 grams. A rare error type, with only 6-8 of the 1987-P nickels on clad stock known in any condition. There are many example of quarters on dime stock, for example, the 1970-D of which thousands where made, but there are less than 10 nickels on clad stock for the entire series of nickels.

The error occurred when metal intended to be used for making clad coinage was fed into a blanking press set up for punching out nickel blanks. The result were blanks which are clad metal, but are the normal size of a nickel, albeit underweight. A neat error type.