NGC 5c (2011-2013) Martha Washington Experimental Copper Coated Zinc J-2221

NGC (2011-2013) 5c Martha Washington experimental nickel, struck with the "nonsense" dies on a 5c sized planchet made up of and alloy containing Copper coated zinc. It was produced by Jarden zinc. It is listed as Judd-2221. 

Beginning in 2011, the Mint began experiments for coinage metal change alternatives, and in doing the tests, these "nonsense" dies were used to strike the experimental metals. They are extremely rare, with most designs known, unique or one of perhaps  known. 

The dies are fantastical in nature, with the lettering all mixed up, and totally without meaning. The date is a combination of letters and numbers as well. Martha Washington is portrayed on the obverse side, but interestingly, on the reverse it appears to be a combination of both Monticello and Mt.Vernon! The lower portion of the building matches the exact design of Mt.Vernon, but the home has a round dome like that of Monticello. Apparently, the coin designer was intending to create a truly "nonsense" die.

This is 1 of 2 known of this experimental. It was waffle cancelled, as are all known (outside the Mint) Martha "nonsense" coins. An opportunity for the collector of rare experimentals, Martha coins, or simply one who appreciates rare and interesting coins. 

Ungraded due to being waffle cancelled, the coin has bright, 85% red copper surfaces which are "business strike" in appearance.