NGC 5c 2014-P Jefferson Nickel on Clad Dime Planchet MS-63 6FS


Unique 2014-P Jefferson nickel struck on a clad Roosevelt dime planchet. The coin is struck on a planchet intended to be struck into a dime, but which was fed into a press striking nickels and so has the design of a nickel but the metal of a dime.

The coin is unique, being the only known nickel on a dime planchet for any date of nickel from 2000 to present! The obverse has the modern Jefferson design, while the reverse is the normal Monticello design found on all Jefferson nickels. All errors minted after 2001 are rare, and this coin would make the centerpiece of a nickel off-metal collection.

NGC MS-63 6 FS with lustrous white surfaces and no problems