NGC 5c ND Jefferson Nickel Multi-Struck on Aluminum Feeder Finger Tip MS-64 FS FS


This is a ND Jefferson nickel which is multi-struck (at least 10 times) on an aluminum feeder finger tip. The coin shows the tip of the feeder finger, and also most of the nickel design is visible on both the obverse and reverse. The error occurred when the feeder finger got out of sync in the minting press, and one of its two tips were struck by the dies and tore off the feeder finger, resulting in this coin.

Very rare, with only 6 examples known to our knowledge, with this being the 2nd best (in our opinion) of the known examples. It shows the most feeder finger of all the examples known except one, and also shows a lot of the nickel design, which is why we judge it the 2nd best example. These very rarely come on the market for sale and this is a rare opportunity to add a nickel on feeder finger to your collection.

NGC MS-64 FS with the typical dark gray toning which is almost always found on these.