NGC 5c Proof Jefferson Nickel 40% Off-Center PF67 Ultra Cameo

NGC proof Jefferson nickel struck 40% off-center, and cupped upwards (it looks a like a baseball cap!) The error occurred when the planchet was not fed between the dies fully before being struck, creating an off-center strike. Also, the collar die was jammed in the "up" position when the strike occurred, causing the planchet to be forced down into the collar die, and giving the coin a dramatic "baseball cap" shape. The coin is so cupped upwards that it is housed in an NGC "double thick" holder.

Rare, and one of the only known more modern era, proof off-center Jefferson nickels (the first we have owned!)

The coin is likely from the 1990's-2000's era, based on the design. This is scarcer in fact, since all the off-center proof nickels we know of are pre-1980's for the most part. 

PF67 Ultra Cameo with deep mirrored fields and frosted design and lettering. Just the slightest hint of brown toning, and 95%+ white!