PCGS $1 1977-S Proof Ike Dollar Struck 30% Off-Center PR68 DCAM

PCGS proof 1977-S Eisenhower dollar struck 30% off-center. The planchet that was fed into the press was not fully in-collar when it was struck, resulting in an off-center strike. There is a large portion of the planchet visible, and also the pressure from the strike caused a small "split" in the planchet at 11:30 o'clock. 

Because of the extreme care taken in the production of proof Ike dollars, major striking errors are extremely rare, with only a tiny number in existence. How they got it is difficult to say for certain, since typically they would be too large to fit into a proof set, and so they would have to get out through an unusual set of circumstances. However, most pattern coins, the 1913 liberty nickels, and many other legendary rarities came out through "unusual" sets of circumstances, and so this is just one more coin to add to that list of incredible Mint made rarities. 

There are very few known off-center proof Ike dollars in existence. Although there are probably a few more out there in collections, we only know of about half a dozen examples, including this coin.

A rare chance to own a major off-center proof Ike dollar. 

PCGS PR68 Deep Cameo with just a hint of toning, but other white white surfaces with cameo surfaces contrasting beautiful with the mirrored fields.