PCGS 10c 1999-D Roosevelt Dime Overstruck on Lincoln Cent Planchet and Broadstruck MS64 Brown


PCGS 1999-D Roosevelt dime overstruck on a Lincoln cent planchet. This is one of only 2 known dimes struck on a full size cent planchet. There are perhaps 6 or so cents struck on “cut down” cent stock or are wrong stock errors (meaning they are not on full size cent planchets, but are either on cent stock or on cent planchets that were physically cut down to fit into a dime collar), but they are not on full size cent planchets. This coin is nearly unique as a result. The other example is a “die cap” dime on cent planchet, but it has a uniface reverse, and so is not struck on both sides as this coin is. 

There are 10-12 Washington quarters struck with 2000 Lincoln cent dies, that sell for typically $10,000-$20,000. There are also a handful of other coins struck on a larger denominations’ planchet, but this example is nearly unique to us as a dime on a full size cent planchet. This coin has been known for years, and the earliest record we have of it was in 2006, when it was sold at auction.

The coin is the weight of a normal cent, but was struck out of collar and expanded beyond the size of a cent. This error would only be possibly if it was struck out of collar, since a cent planchet is physically too large to fit into a dime size collar die. How it was produced at the Mint, as either the result of a Mint Employee’s tomfoolery, or perhaps a press that was switched from striking cents to dimes, and then a leftover cent planchet in the striking chamber was fed in and struck by the cent dies, no-one knows. 

Also, although (correctly) not noted on the holder, it was possibly double-struck since there are minute signs of secondary images around the primary design.

PCGS grades the coin MS64 brown. It has medium brown toning is problem free for the grade. The coin is housed in an older generation PCGS holders, and so there are some light white scratches on the holder. We would be willing to have the coin reholdered if desired at our cost. 

A unique opportunity to own this important mint error rarity. 

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